KICK THE DOOR DOWN ☂️ VOL 3 with Tyler Vivian

This is Tyler, a talented multi instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Christchurch NZ who flew over the pond to the Gold Coast.

When Tyler isn’t fishing or drinking beers he is creating. Whether it’s with a pen or a guitar he speaks through his work. As the lead guitarist for Hard/Rock/RnB fusion band The Riot it’s instrumental for Tyler to constantly push the boundaries of his work.

Taking inspiration from bands like “System Of A Down” and “The Beatles” (What a combo) and blending his thoughts, expressions and feelings into something tangible for us to digest and him to express. For him “Music is about turning what I feel into something you can hear”. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

We decked Tyler and his cat Lando in a pair of Brellas & you can check out Tyler’s & The Riots tracks here