We are Brella Gang. And if you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. 

Because you and us, we're cut from the same cloth. We’ve hit it hard, we’ve taken the knocks and we’ve learned a lot. But now it’s our time. 

Time to leave our mark on the world. We are the creators, the makers, the doers and the dreamers. We don’t wear a uniform because we are the uniform. And every morning, or night we wake up, we march the fine line that connects our pleasure with our passion, our work with our play.

Brella Gang has been brewing in the minds of Sam & Sam for many a year now - the team who brought you Billy Bones Club. The idea was born out of the lack of offering for shoes we liked along with the feeling of inspiration to merge passion and work and kick the door down every day.

We believe in making the highest quality shoewear for the inspired individual. Which is our way of saying we make shoes that will help you hustle all day and dance all night. We are Brella Gang, and you’re with us now.

Get in touch gang@brellagang.com


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